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could this mod work? Answered

on the ds all that is blocking the gb games from going in is two tabs. could you take these tabs off and make it work? like the SNES with famicom games


Unfortunately it isn't that easy. An actual gameboy advanced has the hardware/software to be backwards compatible with older gameboy games. However the DS only has the hardware/software to play gameboy advanced games. Sorry, but those are the facts. (P.S. - stay tuned, because I am currently working on a way around this, but haven't had a chance to get it completely working yet.)

If you were wondering, I am almost finished with my DS that can play GameBoy games. I have published an instructable about it, so check it out and see what you think. I call it The GameBoy DS

Those 2 tabs are meant to prevent you from inserting the cartridge in the wrong way. Turn your game cartridge over then try.

Probably not. Those two tabs are there because they use the same connection but internally they are different in some way. There is a chance that if you try it you'll burn up the cart or the game or both.

If the games would work in both units then it would be open to both since it would probably mean more games sold.