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could you connect a 300w mini audio amplifier directly to a motorcycle battery? Answered

the amp is 12v and so is the battery but I really don't know if it would be safe or even work, i have no idea about electrical stuff so any advice would be educational, cheers


. For casual listening (you and your friends can talk over it without raising your voices), it should work well. If you are going to be jammin' at full volume, you're going to drain a motorcycle battery pretty fast. . As long as you don't short any wires, it should be safe. . If you don't have a kick-start, it might be a good idea to carry an extra battery or jumper cables. ;)

If the amp draws less wattage than the battery is happy delivering for an extended period, it should work.

P=VI, so P/V=I, so 300W (peak) at 12V means it may draw up to 25A peak. Most of the time it will draw much less, but how much depends on what kinds of signals you're putting through it at what level of amplification.

Look up the battery's specs to see how much load it can handle without cooking itself.

Without knowing the amperage the gadget requires, I'm going to say NO. Best bet is to use an inverter. $10 will get you a cheap one.