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crankshaft sensor rebuild? Answered

So my crank shaft sensor is starting to slip and causing serious lack of power and loss off efficiency.  I got a quote on the part but the cheapest i found was $325 usd.  I know you can rebuild a starter and an alternator and so i don't see why i can't rebuild it.  If anybody else has any experience with this pleas let me know.


What kind of car?

I replaced the one in my PTCr. and it was less than $50. And was definitely not rebuildable. I doubt if any of them are since they are meant to be sealed against water, oil and extreme heat. Unlike a starter motor or alternator they perform a very delicate operation.

as stated in the post i looked and the best price i could find was almost half of what i spent on the car a year ago

it is a 1992 Mitsubishi eclipse and they are realy good at screwing me on parts... i miss my Subaru at times like this

Well someone built it originally BUT they often go to some lengths to make sure you can't get it apart.

I have no experience of doing this so suggest Google and see if anyone else has done it for your car.