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crazy dreams Answered

Ever have them crazy dreams? This afternoon I went home and ate some salsa con cheese and took a nap after work.(an american nap, yes there is a difference). Now I dont know if it was the cheese or what but I had this dream of "romantic nature" and at the end the girl turned into a bag of salad! I dont know if its because I recently moved to Lawton Oklahoma. (Its not that bad) or eating cheese before nap time.


I've also had crazy dreams every once in a while I have hallucinatory dreams where I am half awake and I usually/always get attacked by something. For Example it was a stapler monster. These dreams usually/always ends up with me yelling and running away along with scaring the crap out my parents and hearing my babbling. I dont like those dreams -_-

At least your dreams are nice (in a comical humor sort of way...salad!). I die in most of mine. It's either drowning or falling to my death. Though some of mine can be as boring as putting on socks.

I thought that in dreams if you die you wake up dead? I guess that was just a myth... UNLESS!!!! My brains/blood are not yours for the taking!

i used have scary reoccurring dreams where monsters were after me while i slept, then those turned into my British literature teacher was after me, she was pretty scary. but i havent had one of those dreams in a while.

Eating too closely before sleeping can cause all kinds of weird (and sometimes terrifying) dreams.

I remember once, after a late night Taco attack (ate 5-6 heat infused Tacos before bedtime), I had a dream that my job was to get on this sled and ride it done the arteries of an extremely large cow (or bull, I was inside not outside so I couldn't tell), with blood dripping down on me etc....I was half sick...and just about the time I was going to lose the contents of my stomach, I woke up, and I really WAS sick to the stomach.

One very similar one is where I am working at a construction site, and going to the trailer to get some water from the water cooler, I see sewage in the water bottle. Then walking out to the water puddle that is the size of a small pond, I slip and fall forward into it, finding it too is sewage.....then I wake feeling sick to the stomach, because of eating late again.

They are very disturbing dreams, that I am glad I don't have often.

my arteries are hurting just thinking about that. (the tacos, not the dream)

I try to avoid eating heavy anymore before going to bed; since you never know what you might dream, and since, during dreams, the logic centers of the brain are switched off....brrrr

i usually dream stuff like flying around / exploring places / fighting in a fire extinguisher duel etc sometimes i have quite strange dreams in one of them i was walking in a huge landscape of mountains and hills all covered with tall grass. on one of the mountains there was a net of pathways and trees and ponds and concrete surfaces - allmost like a town but without homes. few teens were in the place as well. there was a big square area that looked stuck - the grass and trees did not move in the wind. there were leafs from the trees stuck in the air. water in the pond did not move (but was absolutely clear and transparent like water and not ice). there was some strange hum in the air that i could hear only when being in the stuck area. i also knew why did that happen - the computer that rendered this part of the place crashed. i then came to a group of teens and they told me that the place was struck by lightning many years ago and since then it is a magic place - when you are inside you cannot be seen from outside. they keep this place in secret and use it only for roleplays where they dont want to be disturbed by others since then i call places that look like that bad board (as in - there is a bad board behind the emergency exit of the art workshop at school). i dont know how i made the name bad board but it was about the same day as the dream

I have crazy dreams a lot... I think it worries people when I tell them some of them...

share a few, aint nobody going to judge you here. we might remove the sharp objects away from you and take your shoe laces. :)

There was one that was like a nightmare where the fake babies we had to take home last year for school were turning into zombies... Then there were like three dreams where the world was ending and the power was out and I was crying because I couldn't go on the internet. The only one I can remember anyone being worried about was this one where my neighbors were creepers and talking about how many people were hiding in my house and then there was a boat full of watches in our front yard and then my mom was using a nail to paint my dad's truck with nail polish. I know there were more but I just can't remember them! One of them I know I fell asleep thinking about handcuffs but I can't remember anything about it. I need to start writing dreams down...

You should write that crap down and stretch it out into a story. Might make a few pennies off of it. A couple years ago after reading the rime of the ancient mariner in high school i had a dream that I was in Antarctica and outside our building was boats filled with lemonade it was my job to empty them. I thought it was funny you mentioned the boats filled with watches.

That would make a pretty strange story... Haha I wonder why you would have to empty boats of lemonade in Antarctica :D The boats filled with watches is probably one of the most memorable parts of my dream XD I think I was throwing them on the roof of my house... The watches, not the boats

Why were you sleeping with a bag of salad?

That's not a crazy dream. It's called a flashback. Avoid spicy foods like jalepeno cheese or kimchee before taking a nap.

aint flashback is when you dream again something that was in the past ? (how you dare say that he sleeps with salad bags in real life !)

I was kidding around with his military experience in Korea. Although you do sleep with your boots and weapons in your sleeping bag to keep them from freezing. Lettuce see if he kept his food warm too.

"lettuce" ha! Although being a food inspector i did see some crazy stuff while i was over there. Every see 3K, worth of ice cream get tossed because of a refrigerator break down. I did and it wasnt pretty. Sometimes, /*sniff*/ you cant save everything.

"When in doubt, throw it out!" I do actually make homemade ice cream now after I got the ice cream maker as a Christmas gift. Once you find out what some of those stabilizers are you wouldn't want to eat commercial ice cream again.

It was those fancy ice cream novelties like Popsicles and ice cream cones. And you probably know ice cream melts at a low temperature anyways so it might have been still safe but it was unusable or unsellable. it takes a lot of self control not to "dispose" of it in the trunk of the vehicle. but you can get into some serious kimchie if you get caught. so it aint worth it.

thats ok i am sometimes too tired to remove the computer hadware from my sleeping mat

I had a dream once that I killed off an entire army with a fart. I think it's possibly the strangest dream I have ever had...

I think the Geneva Convention outlaws that as cruel and inhumane use of gas as a weapon in combat. Are we talking about the silent but deadly bombs or the ones that give fair warning?

I honestly cannot remember if it made a noise or not, though I do distinctly remember it blowing the walls out of the building I was cornered against. I wish I could remember what happened leading up to that point. Unfortunately, that is the only part.