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create "black body" and measure radiation Answered

i have been looking for some experiment about black body radiation
how can i make a black body at home
and how can i measure the black body radiation

using inexpensive materials...
i would like to measure plank's constant and so...

i didn't find anything on the net
any suggestions?

thank you!


Where exactly have you been looking? Google? Wikipedia? Presumably not, or you would have found https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_body#Cavity_w..., which is quite well known.

If you have access to someone who does glass blowing, you can go see a blackbody for yourself: visit them, and look at the hole in the kiln where they stick their glass-blowing pipe. That hole is a very good approximation to a blackbody.

i was asking for practical information, how to build the black body and how to measure it's radiation (which sensors and so). the theoretical material is already known to me.

Please try my second paragraph, then. Build yourself a glass kiln, or blacksmithing forge. Cover the opening with a small hole. That hole *IS* a blackbody (as you are aware, since "the theoretical material is already known to" you). To measure it, just get yourself an IR temperature monitor.

So a blackbody can emit visable light ?

Sure! There's a big yellowish one up in the sky during the day, with a temperature of 5500 K.