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creative bike handlebar grip ideas? Answered

I'm looking for creative solutions for items to use for bicycle handlebar grips. I often get alot of bikes/partial bikes from people and end up fixing them up and giving them to friends who need them or trading them for other bikes, but the problem is that most bikes I get are missing the handlebar grips, and I don't want to spend 5-10 dollars on a set of grips just so I can give the bike away. I would like to be able to go to the hardware store and buy the objects in bulk for pretty cheap. Just post ANY ideas you have, thanks.


on eBag, search "Bicycle grips" - there's a bunch from overseas that go for a buck a pair - i use 'em all the time for donorcycles

Cant seem to find the site, i can only find a site called ebags, which sells handbags and such. do you have a link by chance?

get pipe insulator, the size of the handle bars, wrap in electrical tape and there you go, also walmart and target have handlebars for about $5

Put lots of plastic bags on each handlebar and hold them on in a grip shape with elastic bands

what do you guys think about using that canned spray foam insulation?

Neoprene (I think) tubing. It comes in 4 foot lengths of various diameter, and is used to lag water/air conditioner piping, and for putting on car roof racks to protect your strapped on surfboard. I used it all the time when I was a kid on bmx and road bikes. All you need is a plug for the end of the bars for safety purposes, then slip the required length of tube over the top. You might need some lube for this, I used talcum powder, some people used hairspray (worked like lube then dried). Use chair leg tips for cheap plugs, and tape over the top of the neoprene if you want a a tougher finish. All this stuff is available at hardware stores.

well i thought of this, and went out to buy some, but you cant find it unslit, it all has a slit down the side. i tried wrapping it in electrical tape,and i worked good, but the next day it was all wrinkly and stretched. do you know where i can get some unslit tubing?

I don't really know, as I have never seen the slit tubing. Any tubing I have used was always unslit and is meant to be slipped over pipework before it is joined. Sorry.

Just had athought though, I've seen irrigation pipe that is spongy and porous and used to "leak" water on your garden. It looked about the right sze for handgrips. Try a garden centre, or hardware store.

I just noticed Phil B has a similar idea to me. Check down the right hand side of this page. Many other ideas there also.


7 years ago

Stop in the lawn and garden department at one of the big box retailers and pick up a roll or two of "plastic tie and grafting tape." They come in 60 yard rolls and cost less than $2 per roll.
Make a couple of handlebar plugs out of an old tire tread and then spiral wrap the bars with grafting tape. The tape is tough and slightly stretchy, resistant to UV light and is easy to work with.

Spiral-wrap with friction tape?