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crt monitor image distortion Answered

i have huge 21 inch crt monitor which i found yesterday in the trash i plugged it in now. it works but the image has some distortions the color that should be black is bright gray and all other colors are like addition to it. the image looks very bright and with bright gray tint. setting brightness and contrast to minimum does not help much there are some kinda scratch lines across the display. the lines form a shape of a 'lightning' with horizontal lines and diagonal that connect them. the density of lines is higher when i switch to higher resolution the image size is severely affected by the brightness of what is displayed. it grows larger about 1 cm on each side when i open a window with white background other than that the monitor works ok in all resolutions from the bios screen and up to 1600x1200 what can be the problem ?


try open the back cover of the crt then find three(black) screws somewhere in the metal cover try adjusting them i think the lowest one is the key to sucess

that thing is also a challenge to open without damaging (it weights 30+ kg and all the plastic tabs and arrows are built to the same strength. looks like they are not meant to allow opening like in normal monitor)

Now you know why it was dumped...

Open it up and see if you can find things to adjust (like carcrazy_12 suggests) - but be very careful not to electrocute yourself.
It's possible that a component has failed ("replace all the caps"...)


Sounds/looks to me like it's skipping an electron firing at equal intervals as it scans back and forth. This also matches with the fact that it gets denser at higher resolutions. I'd say there's nothing you can do to stop it, you'll have to get inside the tube to fix it so you really can't. Can someone back me up on this?

. Looks/sounds to me like the brightness (and/or contrast) is maxed out for some reason. Adjust both to mid-range (or less) in the control panel and on the monitor itself. You may be able to adjust something inside the monitor.


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