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cruiser to fixed gear conversion. Answered

I can't seem to find much here about making a bike into a fixie, am i missing search results or is it crazy easy?


Just put up a Fixie instructable if your still looking.


I typed bike in the instructables search and found loads on bikes.

Yup me again, again - - check out www.fixedgeargallery.com/articles/panula/freehub/


Hi - back again - try typing into Google. - - Fixed gear on a shoestring.

Hi - aaaahhh - looks like we are in the same fix

I need to find find a good safe way of turning my cassette hub into a fixed, non freewheel unit - I have found one guy on youtube who is welding the unit together but I would not want it to fail at an important moment.

I am gonna keep looking - if I find anything that might help you too I will drop ya a line.