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current limiting for phone battery? Answered

I have a very old phone and its battery is outdated, I am replacing the battery with a new one but that is rated differently
Phone ratings:
3.7V DC ; 350mA

New battery rating:
3.7V DC ; 860mAh ; 3.2Wh

>what is the difference in "mA" & "mAh"?

>My main question is ; do I need to put some resistor in between the battery and phone input to limit the current or the current flow depends upon the load ?, do I need to put resistor in series b/w the phone and battery or in parallel.

Try to provide a schematic to make answers more clear

NOTE: I dont want to replace the phone and am working on it as a restoration project.

Thanks in advance!


Josehf Murchison

Best Answer 5 years ago

Nothing is needed the battery is OK as is.

mA is just milamp mAh is milamp hours or to better understand, 860 milamp for 1 hour or 1 milamp for 860 hours.

You should be able to just plug the battery in and it will work for twice as long as the original.


5 years ago

Nope, You have to do nothing, your phone can do everything it wants. Ma is simply Miliamps and mah is Miliamps/hour. It just more powerful battery than your previous one.


5 years ago

You don't do anything. The phone will draw what it needs.

A few minutes with Google would show you that mAh are a measure of the total ENERGY stored in the battery.