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curtain rack got ripped out of plaster wall. Can i fix put it back in? Answered


Recently, My curtain rack in my bedroom came out while i was moving the curtain, i was pulling down a little bit, and apparently that was enough to rip the rack out of the plaster.

Ive attached photos. Because theres another rack holder, ide rather not patch up the hole as that will mean also patching up the other hole made when i remove the other rack.

Is it possible to securely put the hook back in with a glue, resin ,foam or something?


Since you needed drywall anchors to help hold the screws, I'm guessing that there wasn't a framing stud to secure it to; but you have a few options. The first is to patch the hole with a narrow metal mesh (used for patching larger holes in drywall). If patched properly and allowed to dry, the screws will have something to grip to and the same spot can be reused. Another option is to get a piece of MDF the same length as your curtain rod (about 1/2 inch thick X 3 inches). Then remove the bracket from the other side and install the MDF over both holes and secure the board directly into the framing studs in the wall (in at least 3 places). Then you can paint the MDF to match the wall and secure the curtain rod brackets directly to the MDF. It will be much more secure this way, and will only look like a decorative molding behind the curtain.

What's the actual wall construction ? Someone has fastened a heavy load to the wall with only plasterboard/drywall screws. What's behind that ?

If you can find the framing studs, then put a piece of wood across the studs bracketing the window, and screw the rail to that.