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custom dead-man switch with buzzer Answered

So I am in need of something handheld with a "dead-man switch" that activates a buzzer or some type of alert if you let go. The buzzer would be silent as long as you hold the switch and go off when you release it. Probably build the whole thing into a small piece of PCV so its hand held. I don't know where to start with the "dead-man switch", any suggestions? 



4 years ago

Sorry guy .... That's a terrorist bomb feature that you are asking for us to help you build :-(

by this logic, having wires is a terrorist bomb feature.

it's a simple type of switch, calm down

Technology is a two-sided sword. Use it for good or use it for evil. A deadman switch is a standard safety device used in NYC subway cars for the train operator to keep held down in order to power the train.

What your saying sounds like a terrorist bomb feature...

a dead man switch is a normally closed momentary switch (i.e. the circuit is closed unless you press it).

the absolute basics would be a battery, some kind of N.C. switch, and a peizo electric buzzer. as long as someone is holding the switch down, it's got the circuit open. they let it go, juice goes to the buzzer.

Yup, that's the basics. I've seen something like that for purses. If someone snatches your purse, the alarm goes off, and the thief is running off with a very loud purse. Theres also something like that for truck drivers. If they start to nod off, the alarm blares, waking them up. (hopefully before the truck leaves the road)


4 years ago