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custom sound chips? Answered

I've always wondered how these doorbells and other such devices play a particular recorded jingle or a song.I think its possible to make  circuits which can play custom tunes set by us(maybe using a PC).Could you please give me a brief idea on how this is done?


Pick up a cheap 9V sound recorder module from Radio Shack and record whatever sound you want into it. The microphone on the unit can be replaced with any analog audio jack you want so you can record something from the PC or your MP3 player.


Alternately you can use a micro controller to create the tones you want an play the tune you want. It's a little more complex that the option above but will work quite well.

Pick up a cheap 9V sound recorder module from Radio Shack

....tricky, when you live in Kerala, in India.....

...except I have a nasty feeling that chip is obsolete, and has been replaced with the 1700 series, or 15000 series....I buy them from a UK stockist, and I haven't seen 1000 series for AGES


You said it,steveastrouk.We don't have a radioshack here but there are a lot of electronics dealers in the city.Only thing is that ,will have to spent atleast half a day going from shop to shop looking for the right product. So,sound recorder module it is...thanks