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cutting sound from noisy neighbor Answered

how to stop noise coming thru adjoining wall from noisy neighbor



8 years ago

Get 1/2" or 5/8" particle board which ever you can afford or carry (it is very heavy).  
Stand up the boards on the common wall (1-2" from the base board).  At the top, place 1" thick rubber foam, rolled up towel or cloth.  So the top of the board is not in contact with the finished wall.
  The particle board can be painted or covered with cloth.  I may fall in an earthquake, so prop furniture against it.

I am assuming you are living in an apartment what I did is I put furniture on the side my neighbor was on and also called my landlord


9 years ago

how about hanging rubber sheets or mats on wall from ceiling to floor? rubber deadens sound, right? jerry

Sure - rubber will damp the the sound vibrations. The heavier the rubber the better, since sound is a compression wave (lead sheets would be even more effective, but have certain other drawbacks :). It'll be even more effective if you can leave a gap of "dead air" between the wall and the sheets. Waves lose significant energy every time they make the transition from one transmission medium to another, especially between a solid medium (like a wall or a rubber sheet) to a gaseous medium (like air).

your reply was very helpful. where can i get inexpensive rubber sheets? jerry


9 years ago

go deaf

  • Go next door, and politely ask if your own noise levels ever disturb your neighbor. Casually mention that you've noticed that these particular walls are are particularly prone to transmitting sounds like (Black Sabbath cranked up to 11, fights with family members, clog dancing, or whatever his most bothersome noise is). Try to keep things on a "friendly-neighbor/thought-you might-not-have realized" footing (if he breaks out a shotgun, it's time to leave).
  • Put heavy furniture like bookcases against that wall to absorb sound and vibration.
  • Use a fan, indoor waterfall, or other "white noise" generator to soften & smooth out the noise level.
  • Play Bach, Mozart, or Handel as loud as you like.
  • If nothing else works, make a game of it. Sing along with Ozzie, and pretend to bite the head of off a (baseball) bat. Have each resident of your apartment pick a word commonly heard though the walls, and each count each time "their" word is yelled - whoever gets the highest count wins that round. Take up small-scale carpentry and hammer in time to the clog-dancers' rythym.

I like tip 1. But I'd suggest putting the speakers against the wall and cueing your family to hit "play" after you point out that "the walls are are prone to transmitting sound - like this"... L