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dalek costume? Answered

while i was playing around in a wheel-chair i realized that it would be perfect to use for a dalek costume but heres the problem: i cant use that wheel chair and don't have a lot of money. so i was wondering if anybody knew were to get a wheel chair for cheap, also any ideas for the main body? i don't want to use cardboard.

any help appreciated 


Also check thrift stores, such as goodwill, value village, salvation army, etc, for wheel chairs. You can also rent them from medical supply stores if you can find a way to build the costume without modifying the chair or even having it there until Halloween.

HERE's a Dalek costume that could probably be adapted for a wheelchair.

For wheelchairs, try things like Freecycle and Craigslist.

For plans for building Daleks, why not talk to the experts?