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dancing paper dolls with magnets Answered

When in Europe, I saw a street vender that stood near his little boom box and had 2 dancing paper dolls next to it. I bought the paper dolls and now need to figure out what he did to his speakers or magnets in his speaker to create this illusion of dancing dolls that can dance next to a boom box. The dolls had magnets on the backs of them, so it had something to do with a magnet inside his boombox. Can you help? Thank you.


Where can I actually buy one of these without flying to Europe cause they look cool even though they don’t actually dance

@Goodhart That is exactly what I did. I could not stand in front the the gypsies all day for free. lol I think I stood there for like 26 seconds and wanted to make the clip last a minute since I enjoyed their dancing. lol But I am not sure how it works.

The magnets were not that strong. There was no curtain or screen. It would just be a gypsy by themselves. And he could even pick them up and put them down which would make it stop and then dance again. Mine worked when he put it with the others. I really wish I knew how to do it.

All that need happen is for them to be moved up and down. IF they have magnets in them, one can do that with an "opposing poled" magnet or anything with IRON in it. If done from any distance, the magnets would have to be very strong. The only magnet in a Boom box is on the speakers themselves and that doesn't move (any added magnet could interfere with the speakers themselves). Most likely they were operated by someone else, with magnets behind a curtain/screen etc


That is a video of what she is talking about. I got scammed to. I bought three. I thought they were delightful. They did not have a string or anything on them. I was so confused at how they can just work. The gypsy said there was a magnet in the boombox or something.

That LOOKS like that video was pieced together from a LOT of shorter clips.

ok! so my parents aren't crazy.  and they weren't drunk like my boyfriend sais, haha.  they got back from italy today and brought back my little girl dancing paper dolls, mickey and minnie and i have tried everything to get them to dance.  i just knew there was a secret.  but my question is, did anyone ever get them to dance again, was it really a magnetic receptor and where do i get one?  i think my little girl would Love it!  thanks :)

I Too have fallen for the paper doll trick. The "Magnet" is part of the scam. In mine there was even instructions for haw to make the paper doll move with a string. It's a bit of a scam but think of it as a magicaian selling there trick to you for much more than its worth. with a string and slight movements of your fingers you too can make your dolls dance to the beat.

he may have used string but used magicians wax to secretly attach it...i seen them in japan and also wondered alot how its done i think its just no diferent then the squirmles..Id like to know how to make one there pretty neat

Oh my god!! I fell for the same thing about 6 years ago in Italy!!! I still for the life of me cannot figure out how he did it, and I went back to the guy after I realized mine didn't work, and he opened it up out of the plastic and made the one I bought from him dance. So there could not have been any strings involved.

Hi, I bought the same dolls. After looking around the internet, as I suspected...you have to get some sort of magnetic receptor. They hide it in the back of the radio or a backpack. I made him test mine too--but that's why they don't work at home. We don't have the missing device that created the magnetic field in which they dance.

Let me guess-it was his speaker? The string is on his equipment, not your doll. It's not a magic trick (more expensive), it's a scam.

Rrrrrr.... the old dancing paper doll tourist trick eh?! And you really fell for it?? LoL, they are on invisible line strings. They don't actually move from the speaker, it's just a ploy to get tourist's to buy paper. LoL!!! That's soooo funny!! Sorry... just had too... Nah I wouldn't have a clue how it work's... Possibly at full recoil of the cone (loud noises) a higher magnetic field is produced, resulting in the doll jumping..>? but You would have to know where to put the doll.... exactly.. Where did he have it positioned.?.. that may help.... And again sorry... only jokes.. ;)

Ha! Yes I knew it was a trick because he would not let us go near the boom box. It was on the ground and the dolls were to the side of the boom box. It was so cute and if he can do it, so can I...with a little help from my cyber buds.

Very fine string glued to the speaker. BTW, P.T. Barnum welcomes you to instructables : )