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davidbuzz - Build yourself a portable home -- a mongolian yurt - Universal Laser Cutter Finalist! Answered

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davidbuzz was a finalist in the 2008 Instructables and Universal Laser Cutter Contest for:
Build yourself a portable home -- a mongolian yurt

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Hi everyone, davidbuzz here! - Just adding my personal note here, (as instructed!).
I think that my entry, which took two weekends to write (not including yurt building time of innumerable hours and 3 yurts), and includes nearly a hundred photos, and full details, is rather good, and really comprehensive. It's also backed up by the fact that it's already inspired at least 2 others to start building yurts themselves, which is fantastic. Thanks to everyone's interest, my instructable made it into BOTH the "top rated", AND the "most visits" lists prior to being a finalist, so it must be popular. Please vote for me to show that! (up-rate this forum post!)

As for winning the laser-cutter, I can promise you that I already have 20 different uses for it in mind ... including finishing my CNC table and building a 'reprap' (google it), and I'll be sure to post instructables on the good ones of them for everyone to see too!.
I'd also like to take this opportunity to offer the use of the laser cutter to any instructables members located in Australia, for the cost of the materials & postage ... if I win! Yes, that means I've just opened myself up to 22 MILLION possible users (the population count of Oz) ... so put your votes in NOW!



This is great! I have been looking for an alternative to a large investment in a large pavilion, this seems to be much more possible. Hope you win!

thanks... we should know by tomorrow sometime! :-) Did you vote for me?

great! you got my vote. I hope you win the laser cutter

I read this instructable during my first visit to this website. Inspiring build. I hope that you win.

Good detail. People who need quick homes this might be a good thing.

well done davidbuzz. You got my vote and i live in Tassy and already i have some stuff to be lasered - well, i don't really, just thought i would stir yer a bit.


10 years ago

Great job! This is one of the better described instructables I've seen! You worked really hard to put it all together (the instructable, I mean). You have my vote! Good Luck!

thanks very much! Tell your friends!

I didn't read your instructable, but it looks like you had the most effort, you have my vote

I like it a lot- you hit home with the pokey tent commint in the instructable.

Outdoor beer yurt - great

Well, if it's alcohol you want, I can promise you my yurt is well versed in the art of protecting drunk people from the elements!. :-)

Will a Universal Laser Cutter cut a Yurt in half?

I hope not! :-) But if I win the laser cutter, I'll let you know how it goes on similar materials!.