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I am working on an instructable decoupage project, and it's nearly finished. To make it easy, I am supplying all of the art, but it's about six or seven pages to be downloaded. I took pictures from my old Pompeii guide, and altered them plus used some copyright free clip art resized to purpose which amounts to about six or seven pages. Am not quite sure how or where to do the art  pages in my instructable. They don't need to be seen separately, and the Steps pictures show what you are cutting out. But where do I put them to download? This is my first instructable, so I just need some help. I have designs for two more decoupage projects, all artwork either altered from books or copyright free. I am a professional artist and collage is my hobby, and my favorite home decor projects.  The picture below is my project. Would really appreciate some help getting started. My thinking says that the very first step should be the art to download, but it's all these pictures that don't need to be seen separately.


Okay, one more question. All the instructables I have read and loved have a "What you Need" section, but the instructables editor does not specify anything but the intro, and the steps.  So I just put the "What You Need" as the first step, which puts my actual first step as Step Two. Am afraid I am a literal type when it comes to words. Is this how you experienced folk do it? Since my forte is images, I stumble over little things like the wording of the program. Thanks for your help and patience.

Thanks for your help. I have been writing the steps in Open Office Writer which will allow me to make a copy into a PDF file. I am thinking right now that the art pages are what you would download first in Step One. The great thing about Open Office Writer is that when you use the list function, you can move steps around and they automatically change to stay in numerical order. I can do the PDF file, plus have the art in Step One.  My focus is to create what appear to be very complicated projects, but are actually easy to make.  Am very excited about my very first instructable!

Probably the easiest way for all concerned is if you paste your images into a word document, then save that as a PDF file.

Otherwise, you could upload your images as images, and put them all into one step for people to download one at a time.

also put it all in a pdf document.

You could package the art in a zip archive or Word document and upload that?