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describe three ways to make transportation more energy effient? Answered



Railways are more efficient than roads. time traffic lights (reduces stop-go traffic) Don't use your brakes if you don't have to use a mechanical hybrid system or hydraulic hybrid system lighten your vehicle (anything under 200 lbs is not going to make much difference) use a smaller engine 2 small pistons are better on fuel than 8 pancake sized pistons

design higher tolerant engines that can use lighter oil keep all moving parts well lubricated that's all I can think of at the moment, kinda having a brainfart, finals all this week ...

Don't waste fuel sending kids to school who will just ask people on the internet to do their work for them.

Hmmm...I think this may be a Better Answer than mine :-)

Use car less Drive more slowly Accelerate more gradually bonus - fix your accelerator so it only depresses about half way.


9 years ago

Try making only right turns, this does work it makes it so you dont have to wait through the left turn light. (At stop lights you can go through a red light on a right turn, you have to wait for the green light on a left turn) UPS the shipping company does this!