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deviantART anyone? Answered

So, who here has a deviant ART account and/or browses on there?
I was simply inquiring to plug for more reviews see some of my fellow Iblians' works..



9 years ago

I'm going to sign up on good ol' DA soon.

I kinda turned off the filter.... But yeah, for everyone else, they are filtered.

I'm sorry, what I meant was: AAAAHHH! It's that American guy!

Hehe, there a good reason my profile sez im 18 :P

I have a few of my pyrographs there too.

im trying to get two art projects scanned im surprised I got an A in that class

What is it?

I looks like a woman in a blue dress with very long, grey hair looking up with outstretched arms. (I assume that is what we are talking about.)

  • A wicked battle hatchet called The Maiden of Death! :D

Ok, I'm done.

Kinda like a mezzaluna for chopping up your food, but then again it seems to be something of Romulan origin as it has less stoic lines normally found on Klingon wares.

That is infact what it started as, or at least some sorta bladed weapon... infact

It does have a resemblence to the "Spirit of Ecstacy", the winged figurine as the hood ornament of a classic Rolls-Royce.