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diamond cutting steel.... Friction cutting? Answered

recently got a diamond wheel for angle grinder.   tho it is marketed to cut tile, marble, etc, i tried it on steel.  cuts quick enough, but leaves huge burrs. burrs 4x thicker than the workpiece.   seems the blade just melts and squishes the steel out of the way.  it works, kinda, leaving a hazardous ragged edge on the work... i see why they dont market those blades for  steel.

im reminded of friction cutting blades.



4 years ago

Diamond it great for brittle materials, rock, stone, slate, tiles, concrete and so on.

Is a diamond blade does not offer cutting edges like a saw blade you are down to grinding only.

This works great on the mentioned material but for steel and other metals you basically melt your way through unless you use very little pressure.

High carbon work steel for example is cut to cut with diamond blades, soft steel or even aluminium will ruin your blade as a) it will clog up with the material, b) it will overheat and you loose the diamond dust.

However, if you cut with very little pressure and constand water flow through the cut they do work on soft metals too, it is just not feasable if you have much better alternatives.


4 years ago

Diamond is a very bad material to cut steel: diamond dissolves in steel.