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direct nodeMCU control? Answered

Hi guys this is my first attempt on automation using the nodeMCU lua ESP8266 
My goal is to control the gpio via wifi without connecting the node to my home network it should dependent 
I have found e bunch of code but it has to be joined to my homework



Your "question" is a statement. How do you need help, perhaps we need more details.

sorry about that

I need help with findingexisting or compile code for the node to control it directly


what I have a nodeMCU lua ESP8266 v0.9 and I am trying to control the gpio directly without connecting the node to my home network, I played around with BLYNK & CONTROLIUM but its not what I need it beat the purpose of my project it should "mobile"

so what I need is to connect directly to the node via wifi to control the gpio but have no clue which or way to get a sketch/code/example that enables direct control


And your question is what?

The question is how you can help him finnishing his homework ;)

You need to make an ad-hoc connection to it ?