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disability challenge: rebuild my legs. Answered

Just thought it was worth asking with the wealth of expertise and knowledge on here if anyone could offer any help/idea, or any words of wisdom in regards to getting me back on legs and out of my wheelchair, I will gladly consent to being a guinea pig (within reason obviously! lol).   O.K. a little bit of me & my background. I'm a 46 year old male living in the U.K, 12 years ago through no fault of my own I was ploughed down a street by a car. this left me with a compound fracture of my left leg that developed a further complication that resulted in me losing the leg below the knee the resulting infections meant it wouldn't heal . the right leg suffered 14 breaks between the knee and ankle, the ankle was broken and most of the foot. the metalwork in the leg had problems it eventually bent. i put every penny into an operation to remove a large chunk of my lateral muscle to be transplanted to the left stump to get it to heal and to have the faulty metal top of the metalwork replaced, but and I kid you not, the bolt in the right leg had the head taken off!! meaning the bolt would have to be drilled out but that would shatter the leg meaning i'd lose that leg too, the op on the stump was a failure. so what i'm hoping is some of you super brains could help design/devise a kind of prosthesis and a caliper type erm... thing, for the other leg. well I'll upload some pics and a bit more about me tomorrow. thanks for reading guys & girls.


"bolt would have to be drilled out..(shattering leg)" Does this mean a bolt set into the bone? They sheared the head off the bolt?

Any update on this? I'm comin into the conversation kinda late.

You're having this trouble in the UK?

We have the NHS - they've got top-class orthopaedic surgeons and prosthetic specialists. You shouldn't have had to put any if your own money into the operations, and even if you went private, the driver and his insurers should be paying.

Having said all that, when you post pictures, it would help if you added data as well, such as dimensions and the weight it needs to hold.

What is the professional medical opinion on this? I mean, have you been referred to services that actually do prosthetics and have experience in the design of such?