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diy chicken egg incubator fully automatic 500 egg capacity? Answered

I want to make a chicken incubator fully automatic with capacity of 500 eggs. I am alien to electronics. I want help in building one both design and its electronic gadgets too.


I am rearing 58 chickens+120 quails. I want to make an Incubator myself. All I want is assistance regarding its making. I made 2 incubators and running with less hatchability. I identified the problem, its air circulation and improper turning of eggs. In the incubator there were cold spots. My incubator size is 2.5x2x1.8 ft, I want to perfect the air circulation but not getting better ideas.

Secondly, turning the eggs at 45 degrees angle when having multiple trays is being a challenge that it yet to conquer. I had already hatched 150+ chickens and 420+ quails to date with 40 - 70% hatch rate.

All I want is a good design for air circulation and step by step egg turning design.


3 years ago

If you have never raised chickens that is a pretty big number to start with.

With no electronics you are better off buying a smaller incubator and to put the contents into a good sized fridge.
500 eggs is business quantities so I would go the commercail way and buy a proper one.