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diy drum set? Answered

since i have built plenty of guitar and a new bass i'm planning to build a drums, just to know how much work is put on building drums.
is it possible to build a drum set from scratch? how are they built? and on what materials? and what are the things to consider.



If you websearch, you'll find plenty of "junk drum kits". Basically, anything which sounds good when hit with sticks or hands and has enough volume (or can be amplified) is a drum.

+1. I've found that plastic coffee canisters make a nice noise, as do 5 gallon paint containers and cat litter containers.


7 years ago

Are you saying 19 answers to your last question did not provide a single
best answer for you ?
Scratch some dead skin over a hollowed tree trunk tie it with sinews.
Scratch it thinner, dry it in the sun and beat on it with a femoral bone to your
favorite rhythmic beat.
You built guitars and understand resonant cavities, drum shape design
follows similar rules.

Good luck.


an entire trunk of wood?? am i hearing that right?? hehehe.=)
so an entire trunk and hollow it out? how think should be left in it?
other alternative materials? are there any? or wood is the only material out there for drums?
thanks for the input..

That's a VERY common method to make many hand drums - start with log, hollow it out.

There's an instructable on it.

I was going to post

...but you have a very good point.