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diy "mini" milling machine. any idea what i can use as motor? Answered

I'm thinking about / planning to build a mini/ small milling machine, for machining small metal parts.
Do you have any idea what i can use for a motor (I'm trying to do it as cheap as possible, or close to..) it needs to be able to change speed (Rpm's) since I'll be working with different materials and different tool sizes.
I've concidered using an angle grinder (or most of it :p) good or bad idea?
I have acces to a PRO metal workshop and machines so the mechanical parts should not be an issue (as I can make them my self)
I'm hoping to avoid using gears (since it's expensive to buy and a pain in the *** to make my self)

really hope you can help me :)


you can get small router trimmers with a speed controller, they take a 6mm or 1/4" mill ends. Ive got one on a cnc router will cut most things.


I would think so but depends on cutting speed and what size mill end you put in it.

ps. i do not want to make this a cnc... and the cnc projects I've seen on the site does not provide the milling power i need (not strong enough motor) and besides that i need a motor/spindle assembly that allows me to tilt the whole thing about 45-90 degrees (havent decided yet) so havent found a project that gives me exactly the inspiration i need. (not saying they aren't well done... very awesome everyone, just havent found what I need)

I was thinking approx. 12x12"
a dremel is "big" enough but not strong enough for milling steel at a reasonable speed + I will be needing a bit bigger collets/ chuck abilities for mounting bigger tools aprox. 10-16mm tops
(I will be working in aluminum mostly but have to be able to mill steel as well).
I have a spindle and chuck assembly from a small drill press which I'm gonna use, I was thinking abou maybe connecting the angle grinder/motor to the spindle with a pulley and belt somehow (as said before, i can easely make them myself ;) )

+1 several CNC dremel projects about

How small are we talking here. When you say small i get the image of using a Dremel not an angle grinder. But then a Dremel might be to small for what you have in mind.

Do you have a chuck that can be fitted to the shaft of an angle grinder? What about a high power drill?