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diy tablet Answered

hello all i was wondering if anyone knows if i can use the monitor and digitizer in an android tablet on a Intel atom moboard? basically I'm wanting to turn my 10" android tablet into a windows tablet with capacitive touch.


Most android tablets use an arm cpu and not the atom. MSWindows to my knowledge is not made publicly for those units. If you have one that does run on the atom, just get the MSwindows sotware for your platform. Good luck.

Most people use a vnc server on their android for a personal computer to view what is on the pad. No hardware hacking required. Another option would be to get a "rdp" (remote desktop client) client for android and control the MSwindows box that way. Again no hardware hacking required.

You would need to isolate the video driver board in the tablet and work out the best way to connect it directly to a video port on the motherboard. Not an easy task, especially if you can't find a data sheet on the screen of driver chip. Assuming the chip has the information etched into it and hasn't been scraped off by the manufacture.

Look up the specs for your tablet and see if there are any hacks that will allow you to load windows on the existing hardware.