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diy wheel weights lawn tractor? Answered


The weight idea is a good one, but you likely need to make a "rig" or bracket to slide the weights onto.

Actually, I have seen some made from Cement, basically I think you'd make a mold of some sort from your tractor rim, and pour. the newer Deere weights are some variatoipn of this with plastic coating.

One idea for a mold / coating might be a heavy guage (ABS??) plastic flower pot as the form, and use PVC pipe to make the bolt holes through the form.

I thought of using flat steel exercise weights,from Wal-mart. They come in different sizes. All you'll need to do is drill the two holes to match the tractor rim.

.  Water in the tires?

Yep.  That's the easiest and safest way.  If in danger of freezing they make an antifreeze just for that.   I've got about 300-400 lbs. in each rear tire of my '57 Ford 641.  I've got nothing in my lawn tractor but would put water in if I needed extra weight.