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do ammeters that have an independent power supply require a specific voltage to work? Answered


for a DIY project i plan on taking on soon, i need to measure amperage, and i have been looking for a digital ammeter, as the analogue one shave been to bulky to use.

i need to know, if this ammeter will be able to read amperage at 3v-5v

it says it needs 6v -15v input, but this is just to power it, and isnt what is being measured.
i need to know, do ammeters need a current with perticular voltage to properly measure the amperage?
ive seen others that operate on 0-30vdc, and others that must have 12v or 24v, and the rest dont say at all how they work.



7 years ago

I'm no expert in this but I am sure the power required to operate the ammeter has no bearing on it within the limits of the device itself, so long as the power supply is what is called for by the ammeter. For example, an ammeter that runs off a 1 1/2 volt battery should be able to read amperage within its design limits as accurately as does an ammeter powered by a 12 volt source can read amperage within its design limits.

+1. The meter's power supply or battery or power input is used to run the meter's scaling and display circuitry. It should be whatever that meter was designed for.

i see, but it doesnt say what it was designed for which is a real problem, in volts i mean

"it says it needs 6v -15v input"

Sounds like that's what it was designed for...?