do both the betta fish have to be the same breed to breed them? Answered


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i bought a betta fish(male) and a female both of them were the cheap ones and i would like to breed them so help!
oh and one thing my male betta is very nice because i put him in my tank with guppies,tetras.loaches,algea eaters,ect. and he never chased any of them i put my female in there and he never chased her and she never chased anyone.but now iset up a breeding tank so i would like to know if they have to be the same breed to breed them cause i dont know what breed they are.

                                                                                                             THE PIC SHOWN IS THE KIND OF MALE I HAVE




Best Answer 5 years ago

Betta fish are all the same species, Betta Splenden, and can be interbred. Its like crossing a German Shepard with a Golden Retriever, same species, different variety.


5 years ago

Are you sure you have a male and female?

I tried breeding them several years ago but they ended up catching just about every disease a beta could catch. I suspect it was the bad air in the apartment i was living in that did it to them. Had 2 males and 2 females. One of the males was overly aggressive to all of them so he stayed in his own bowl. Could never get the females to lay eggs and they all died form there problems.


Answer 5 years ago

well let me tell you somthing you need to to only have one female and one male,having to males and two females is bad cause you cant have to of the same sex in on bowel.what you have to do is get a water bottle (empty)and put the treated water in it and then put in the female.then set up a tank that has a wide openig and about 1-5 gallons.
only fill it half way. put in the water bottle with the female(stick the bottle in the water with the opening facing up dont let the water in the tank go over the opening so she dosent get out and so you can feed her
put the male in the tank so he can now see her but not touch her.put some strophome from a stirophome cup abou three in the tank so it can
float at the top.when he start making a whole lot of bubbles around the foam and also tries to get to the female you can jently let her in the tank without disturbing the bubbles.they will mate and when the do dont think the female is dead case she is not you will know what i mean when you see it yourself.when she lays the eggs the male picks them up and puts them in the bubbles...TIP bettas breath air so he puts them in the bubbles so they can breath.when they hatch they will still need their bubbles and the dad will take care of them so dont worry.OH i for got to tell you when she is done laying her eggs remove her from the the dad will take care of them but when all the bubbles pop ant all the babbies are swiming around carefully take the dad you tak care of them.use flakes crumble to almost a powder to feed the fry.
look n and look up how to breed them for more info.