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do hover shoes actually works ? Answered

This video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40S8G2ZuRpE) teaches you how to make hover shoes. Do these realy work ?



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If you think about what he is doing, you can easily answer your own question.

Forget all of the gobbledy-gook about how to construct the “hover shoes.” Its an old magicians' trick, they are there simply to distract the observer from what is really happening.

What he is doing is connecting the positive terminal of a battery to two isolated (and insulated) magnets and then placing them in close proximity to a piece of steel; the beam under the floor.

Now, ask yourself these questions:

What happens if you touch the tip of magnetized screwdriver to only the positive terminal of a battery?

What happens when you bring a strong magnet close to a piece of ordinary steel?

Lastly, do you think his hover shoes actually work?

No, that is an absolute fake - Magnetic shoe repulsion would never work.
I made mine with a pair of processor fans in each shoe and driven from a battery pack in my pocket. Once you're airbourne the skill is to keep your balance and not let the shoes run away with you - going down slopes is very scary.

how do u make yours? and if ur not lying how high do they hover?

Sorry, but I can't discuss the design as it has been declared to be of interest to the UK military and I will be in breach of the official secrets act if I reveal the details.

i've actually thought of making that as well
and if you are not lying what is their maximum speed

Try adding two more you'll get even higher!

Problem is though that you'll be an unidentified aircraft that way. I have almost been shot down twice for that. I really should put a ham radio or something like that next time I go out on those shoe's....

hey man try using ion technology but ofcourse that would cost a shitload of money

can u show us how to make the ones u r talking about

If you get a little higher you can get away from the ground effect and going up and down slopes won't be so scary.

my idea is that it's just a illusion and they are not worth as what he wanted you to think but they serve as magnetic boots to walk up metal surfaces

Household hacker, or, as hes informally know, houslehold crapper, facks every single one of this "tricks" using video tricks. NONE of his things work, trust me

No, it's a load of crap, for the specific purpose of getting hits on the video.
(see other answers)
And it's "soldering" with the "l" - why make molten-heavy-metals sound like "sodomy"...?


As the others said. Basic principle: "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof." If it looks too good to be true, it almost certainly *is* too good to be true.

Actually, from their description it looks like they're just shorting out the battery. Which may cause it to heat up enough to give you a hotfoot. I suppose anyone who actually believes this might work deserves one, but still...

That is so very, very fake!

No. Sadly I saw this same video a long time ago, a lot of this guy's videos are fake.

NO! If they did then we'd all be wearing the. Cars would have them and we wouldn't have to replace tires.