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do i need to bleed/after i install a new oil tank? Answered



Can you be any less specific please? ;)

Yeah, Some details could be nice :)

Still, Rule of thumb says you shouldn't need to. Just Don't rev the engine right away. Give it a few moments for the oil to Circulate.

So you think of a car, but what if it was the oiltank for the heating of his house, or on a big machine? ;)
Because last I time checked I had no oil tank on my car...
Do have on the boat motor and jetski though being two stroke...

I've seen some vague descriptions of parts here before; Just working with what I was Given :P


3 years ago

I often end up bleeding when completing a project. "Nothing is ever really finished until it has drawn blood". So I would say yes, but only enough to leave some forensic evidence behind. Major bloodletting is usually reserved for the truly stupid mistakes.