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do i need to use a LED driver or just a wall wort? Answered

i want to make a LED room light, should i get LED drivers or would i be ok with some wall worts of the appropriate power.



8 years ago

You need to decide first, do you want to run them from your main lighting circuit or from a wall socket.

Unless you decide to use all AC LEDs, you would need to use a power supply (wal wart) of some form.

Perhaps you could post more information regarding your plans, so that you can get more exact advise.

LED lights have different input voltage. usually it is DC12/24V, so you basically need a driver.
But some led lights can can be used directly in 80-265V AC.
Anyway, it is better to use DC power. But AC would be more simple
So it depends on LED lights you are using.

I am a LED supplier in China.