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do it yourself 4 wheel adult sized pedal bike car Answered

In spring I got idea to build a 4 wheel pedal car for my son. To use wheels from old bicycles, to make it as small and light and simple as possible and to make it possible to fit even an adult person.

I was really disapointed surfing internet, as I found almost no free ideas, plans or experiences how to do it. It is no nuclear science, people would invest millions in their know-how, so they would need to hide it!

Now it's autumn now and our car is done. I decided to share my experiences and detailed photos as free plans with other people, interested in self buliding pedal car of that kind.

I wanted my 9 years old son to learn basics of construction and working with metal and wood. He did almost all hand works by himself and he is very proud on it. It is a very good way to move your child from TV and computer games!

It is all on our 4 wheel pedal bike car web site



4 years ago

see thegrannybike.com for a pedal car kit.

Can u update the link? Looks great.

Looks great. website link is broken. any way we can get more information?

I wish you made an instructable, I too have found very little information about these kinds of projects on the internet. And I find this page, but with a broken link :/

We are wanting to build this as a school project and would be interested in cost and where most supplies were purchased?

The links broken. After a goggle search, I found the updated link:

Hope this helps.

I'm unable to log-on to your website for the instructions.

 Right now I have two broken bikes, I just might try to build this

Nice car. With independent rear brakes and only 1 driving wheel, does this have any tendency to steer left/right under power / braking?


Nice design! I see that you're using linear brakes. Did you choose this system because it was more efficient than disc brakes, or were you just recycling? (Just curious)

That's pretty sweet.