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do they sell a devise to hold up a kitchen cabinet so that they will easier to instrall them? Answered

need a devise that will hold up kitchen cabinets when I install them. I will be working alone...


Do you mean wall cabs ? Since mostly you'll want them the same height above the base cabs, make yourself a simple wooden box, put some carpet on the top and bottom to protec the cab surfaces, and just sit he wall cabs on top of the box. Steve

Best idea yet. That's how I hung 250 of upper shop cabinets.

TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY ! Surely not in one shop ???? ;-) Steve

My sympathies. Most of the home improvement jobs I've done have been by myself as well. And some were definitely NOT meant to be one man jobs. I don't know of a device they sell, although it's *possible that a rental place might have a telescoping table that would help you. A telescoping table uses a screw driven scissors movement to raise a platform... Or what steve suggested. That's probably what I'd end up doing. (or what I will end up doing down the road when I redo my kitchen lol...

Don't know if you have them in the US, but our "European" wall cabs are clipped onto the wall with special metal plates. The clips are easy to set on the wall, the cabs hang off them, and there are little adjustment screws to tweak the final level.

There are adjustable jacks sold as "third hands" for this purpose; the better woodworking shops will have them. (I know I've seen them in the Rockler catalog, among others.) But as others have said, simply cutting a 2x4 to appropriate length can work too. Or for that matter, you might be able to persuade a wallboard jack to do the job. You may want to ask at a few tool rental places; if this is a one-time need renting is sometimes more cost-effective than buying.

Just use a 2x4. Make sure its level and screw it to the wall. Set the cabinet on top. Remove when done. Another tip, remove the doors before you hang the cabinets.