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do you have a game port? Answered

Just wanted to see how many people on instructables have a 15 pin joystick connector on their computer


is it a respectible practice to say... use a AVR project with provided codes and use a PIC and program it to interface with the AVR? or is that just a waste?

I wanted to write a joystick instructable but seeing as how not many people have a game port and i can't do USB just yet (let alone writing or finding custom device drivers), i was thinking of making one of these:
and then add a PIC with a RF connection to a wireless joystick (think wii remote) and the AVR will basically take care of the USB interface for me

or would an instructable using the game port still be pretty interesting and worth writing?

I do, but only because my computer is 6 years old. It's very useful.


11 years ago

Nope, and it used to drive me up the wall becuase I have a 50 dollar controller my dad bought back in the late 90's. Some of the pins are missing though, and it doesn't always work.

I always get old parts from crap computers from the dump, but my parents are paranoid about messing up our Dell so they won't let me install a GamePort PCI card.

Are you allowed to go fishing through the dump? I would love to do that sometime and find some cool things.

No, but there's a thing called a salvage center at the dump. It's a big warehouse type building where people drop off things that are still usable. Most of the time people just drop off old broken shit though, and it pisses everybody off, including me.

If you ever wanted something small, like a part or something, I could mail it to you. Theres lots of old computers, so there's lots of PCI cards (and the input and output jacks, among tons of cables), Cd drives, TVs, monitors, everything.