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do you need to be 18 to buy a soldering iron? Answered

 the clue is in the question....



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It may, however, be against a particular store's policy to sell hot or pointy things to people under 16 / 18 / 21 / 25 (I have encountered all four age limits in recent months).

If this is the case at your local store, I would politely ask to see the manager, inform them that they have no legal reason to refuse to sell you the soldering iron (beyond "the management reserves the right"), their decision may be illegal on grounds of age discrimination, and you are going to take your business elsewhere.

I would also get your friends to go to the same store, ask to buy a soldering iron and then give the same little speech as above when refused.  If the store agrees to sell them the iron, when they refused you, they should refuse to pay until the manager explains why and offers you an official apology.

i have been using a soldering iron since i was 11 it finally stopped working so i went to buy a soldering iron at maplin and they refused to sell it to me they said you have to be 18 (i am 17) although it had nothing about this on the website ( they normally say if something is age restricted but it didn't), i have now made a complaint to maplin does any one know if they were right to refuse me.its not like i can wait until im 18 because i need it NOW for a project.

ive bought one at radio shack and im 15

I think that whatever the storeowner sells is for everybody unless it's like alcohol store for 18+. If it were me being the store owner, I'd be happy to sell as much as I could to anyone and earn money. $:)

Not that I'm aware, other than perhaps the gas-powered ones (for fear of children huffing fuel).  Honestly, though, I wouldn't recommend one of those for a minor anyhow, as they can be dangerous (more so than a regular iron) if used incorrectly.

Emphatically NO. I don't know who told you that, but it's wrong.

The clue is that you're under 18 and want to buy a soldering iron, right? Or that you're over 18 and want to discourage your underage son/daughter from buying one by telling them it is?


8 years ago

Not in any place that I have ever heard of. There may be a local regulation or ordinance setting an age limit on them where you live. If so, you have a  few options, ask your parents or an adult to purchase one for you, buy one in a different jurisdiction, or order one on the net.

Not that I know of in the UK.


Do you know ? I'm not sure anymore :-( Its a pointy thing, and under 18s aren't allowed to buy pointy things anymore.


I can think of no better way to destroy the maker spirit in an entire generation than to deny them access to tools. Very sad.

Maker spirit ? Here ? Its indicative that the UK  posters here are largely over 30 ...with some honourable exceptions....

I bought myself a woodburning set when I was 9, and the difference between a woodburning pen and a soldering iron is practically nil. I'm guessing not.

Not in the US either that I know of.

May be that the clerk you were trying to buy from thought you might be up to no good and decided to not sell to you.  Most of the time they have that right.

Try at another store or get a parent to go with you and let the clerk know that you have the right to buy anything in the store.

Nope, I've been operating one since I was 12 so I don't think there's a problem with buying one either.

I've been buying powertools for my dad since I was 14 and they never asked any questions about it at the store so go get one and make a cool instructable about something you did with it!