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do you think i could make things and just sell them? Answered



Best Answer 8 years ago

Go for it! Just remember the 4 "P"'s of marketing:

-Product: What are you selling? Would people buy it?
-Price: How much are you selling it for? Is it competitive?
-Place: Where are you going to sell it? Ebay?  Swap meet? Door to door?
-Promotion: How are you going to  get the word out? Craigslist? Flyers? Ad in the paper?

It's first year business school stuff but a lot of people don't think of it.

Good luck!

Why not just print money and cut out the middle man?

Google for "manufacturing"...

The trick is finding things to make that people want enough that they'll pay you more than it cost you to make them. Don't forget to add in the value of the time you spend making them, and to subtract out the enjoyment you get from making them, when figuring out whether it's worthwhile.

Yes definitely! etsy.com is brilliant for this sorta thing, but you really need to advertise your products like alittlestranger does. You can sell kits or finished products, either way it's a good way to get a little bit of money in.

 Of course.  

If you are looking for some money on the side, you could. 

Don't expect to make a big business out of it though.

Try etsy.com (it is great for this sort of thing).


8 years ago

If you make things people want, of course you can.