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does any 1 have any ideas for these objects? Answered

i was makeing some speakers and the cut i was doing turned out wrong so i managed to adjust the cut and came out with these funky shapes
i dont really want to make speaker tubes out of them..
iv got glass, coloured strip lights, led`s,strobe, mirror ball motor,wood,and speakers but you know that already
there 315mm dia x 2foot... twist 1`s are abit longer


They look like they could be glued together to make a single tube again. Or are they a different twist?

ye they could be there just sat in the loft now ... by the way thanks for the idea on wood chips to flavor, i have used that may times now i grew tobacco last year and used the stalk. smelt like a bakery when they were in the oven. i used a bit to much on 1 brew and had to re distill and add another brew to mellow the flavor .. you live an learn.
just made some mead this morning so just waiting to see how that turns out , never made before. should be nice tho. the advice the guy in the shop gave me to add tanning was to add abit of cold tea. have you tried any new woods in a brew yet.

You already asked this once, yesterday. Did you forget?

ye my bad thort i unpublished it by misstake do you like the speakers i made

Who knows, maybe someone new will see it and give you the golden answer.

i thort i hit the unpublish button when loading the thing the 1st time round