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does any instructable buddy know how windex works? If u did, that'd b awesome!? Answered




its one to two teaspoon of ammonia per squirt bottle of water. plus blue food coloring. I make it all the time, has the same smell and everything as windex. dont use it in your car though it can freeze in cold weather.

I found a product (here in Canada) called "Hertel Multi-Purpose Ultra-Concentrated Cleaner" (cost was $3 or $4)... it is thick, like dish soap, and is diluted by adding a small capful to a bucket of water, and then wash my windows by dunking in a terry cloth rag or a piece of old bath towel -- that's it -- no rinsing & no streaking, and I can even wash my windows at night! 

They also make a version in a spray bottle that's already diluted, but a bottle of concentrate will make 200 liters (about 52 gallons) of solution for the same price as the spray bottle (a 5-liter bucket of diluted concentrate costs less than 0.10¢... how many spray bottles do you figure you can fill from one bucket?)
I bought the concentrate at Canadian Tire store (and I've seen the diluted spray at a Giant Tiger store), but if you're not able to find it in your area, here is the company contact info: 


Lavo Inc.
11900, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Blvd.
Montreal (Quebec) H1C 2J3


Which Windex product, and what do you want to know that S C Johnson doesn't tell you?
See also wikipedia


do u know how lysol or pledge works?? per chance...if u do...that'd b awesome.

Pledge is mainly water, but with a mixture of oils in it. When dry it leaves an oily (and shiny) coating. Also the wet-wipe will remove some amount of muck.

Lysol is a Reckitt Benckiser brand but some Lysol products at least contain non-ionic surfactants ("soap"), and water, colour, smell.

Windex seems to be alcohol / water based these days.

See here: http://hpd.nlm.nih.gov/


i tried and didn't get much.

Which Windex product (there's more than one) and more specifically, what do you want to know: how to make it, or how it cleans stuff? L

Glass cleaners like Windex are basically water, ammonia, and detergents.

  • Water is the important part, since it dissolves a wide range of different substances.
  • The ammonia helps some chemicals that would ordinarily be only slightly soluble in water to become more soluble.
  • The detergents help suspend greasy substances by forming bubbles that are watery on the outside (so they dissolve in water) but greasy on the inside (to trap the greasy substances).