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does any one know how to make LEDs flicker at first and then turn ON ???? Answered

i want to make it look like those retro lights which used to flicker first and then stay ON does any one know how to do that with LEDs ????


EG if you used a Picaxe the following basic code would work.

For B1=1 to 100
high 1
pause 50
low 1
pause 50
next b1

high 1


This assumes the LED is on output 1

B1 is an internal variable use to count the for next loop Pause 50 waits for 50 milli seconds.

Method A: Use LEDs and a switch and do it by hand to get the effect you want

Method B. Get a microprocessor (Most common are Arduino and PIC), and write some code to "flicker" the LEDs and have it turn on.


6 years ago

What is your favorite micro processor, that is what you use and some code