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does any one know if can you charge a phone or ipod with a tesla coil? Answered

i was just woundering since a tesla coil is like a wireless energy transfer could it be used for charging a phone or ipod or kinda like puting a magnet next to your phone!! THANKS been woundering for a while!!!



1 year ago

Yes, we are working on it and making a model for school exhibition showing charging a phone with a tesla coil.... You can use a magnet but you have to move the magnet near and away repeatedly to perform the activity, In the project we are using a solenoid next to tesla coil, the tesla coil will be creating magnetic fields and the solenoid will be generating electricity with that magnetic field. this process is also known as Induction. But it is possible upto experimental stage only, The problem appears when the solenoid is brought very much closer to it, causing increase in voltage generated by solenoid, which may blast the phone... :-\

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3 years ago

Nothing qualifies as a best answer in your opinion :-(

Maybe a directed electromagnetic microwave beam ( unlike the radial Tesla energy ) which any one with electronic skills will be able to build will interest you.!

There are pictures of a simple microwave antenna energy receiver that collects and rectifies the incoming energy beam to DC on a capacitor. Germanium or Schottky diodes are used because of their Low forward voltage collects more of the EM energy.

So where do you get a microwave transmitter ?

Any old microwave ( radar range ) appliance can be hacked to easily direct the energy where you aim it.

Finally a tiny eBay inverter or joule thief can be had as a wireless charging source for your 5 volt phone or iPod easy from across the street...

BTW if you want more range the beam can be focused and a parabolic reflector at the receiving end. See http://www.w1ghz.org/antbook/contents.htm


uWaveAntenna.JPGuW Diode.JPGuWsys.JPGuWsys2.JPGhorn-lens-antenna.png

This could be dangerous if not properly built so I take no responsibility for any people hurting themselves or deaths you need two identical high voltage tesla coils one will be called the transmitter and one will be called receiver higher the voltage on the high voltage ends of the coils and the higher the transmitter coil the further the power will transmit before all the power will be absorbed into the earth and no longer reach the receiver coil on each tesla coil there is one low voltage coil and one high voltage coil the low voltage coil is used for the input voltage on the transmitter and the output on the receiver the high voltage ends on both tasla coils are used for the wireless transmission of power if the two tesla coils are identical 12 volt are put into the transmitter 12 volt come out of the receiver i say 12 volts because 5 volts go into a cell phone is to sensitive and the slightest over voltage will burn it out so 12 so you can use a car adapter and that will regulate the voltage getting to the cell phone also 12 volt is more useful anyway but there is wattage laws you cant pass without license so you cant power a car with a tesla coil small 5 volt items may be the only thing you can power I think the law is like 10 watts just look around for wifi amps or radio transmitters just copy the largest wattage you can buy at a store not the internet because there is illegal stuff there and you should be ok I doubt you can buy a illegal transmitter or wifi amp at bestbuy use the ohms law to make you tesla coils so you can reach you law limit without breaking it I think that covers it you can email me if you have any questions scott32714scott@aim.com

Wireless (inductive) charging products do exist, but your phone would need to be equiped with the necessary hardware to utilize it.

I would not recommend bringing your cell phone near an operating tesla coil. It won't just happen to charge you phone, even if it is equiped with wireless charging hardware. At best nothing will happen, and at worst your expensive phone could be damaged by any arcs drawn to it. LCDs can be very susceptible to damage from high voltage, even though they contain some internal protection for things like ESD.

Also, just bringing a magnet near your phone won't charge it. Inductive power transfer requires a time varying magnetic field, but your magent produces a static field. Power can be transfered inductively with permanent magnets by moving the magnet back and forth near a coil, as then the coil will see a time varying field (think of those flashlights that you shake). But again, your phone would need to contain hardware to be charged like this, and no one wants to shake their phone for minutes or hours to charge it.


7 years ago

Depends on the tesla !!??

It may just kill your iPhone

Or It may Kill you Both !


Inductive charging is only practical at small distances, and i dont think you want electronics that close to a tesla coil

Yes but it's not as if you can simply make a resonating coil and plug it in. You will need to have a circuit so you're not pumping a few hundred thousand volts into your phone or ipod.
Gadget companies are actually looking at devices that can use the energy from radio signals to power the devices.

Tesla had visions of using his system to do exactly this kind of energy transfer. It didn't work -- too much energy is lost or sent in non-useful directions, and the sparks from a large tesla coil are big and LOUD. Nice fantasy, not practical in this form.