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does any one know what electronics use 2N 3904 Transistor, a 2n 3906 transistor, and a 1382-g voltage trigger? Answered

i want to build a solar engine but don't know were to get these transistors and the voltage trigger. does anyone knows were i can find then from stuff lying around the house.


I recommend http://www.mouser.com

I found them much more hobbyist friendly than digikey. Both are awesome for parts, but digikey is looking to sell to larger buyers.

digikey.com just make an order, it's relatively inexpensive.

the 2n3904 and 2n3906 transistors literally cost about a dime apiece, new. the 1382 voltage detector is an unknown in price(to me), but I suspect it's not that expensive either, and without doing any homework I suspect that if there is a cost or availability issue, it can be replaced by an equivalent or similar part # that doesn't have those problems. there may or may not be 2n3904/6's installed into common electronic items "lying around the house", but in most houses I strongly doubt it. as for the voltage detector...who knows... for the cost vs effort, I advise you to buy the parts instead of trying to scavenge them. Unless you ALREADY have a known source from which to scavenge, that advise holds for any future projects as well.