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does anybody know a good cheap way to turn an ordinary bicycle into a moped, electric bike or hybrid bicycle??? Answered



Yes, but what have you got / could you get in terms of power?


I have an ACE HARDWARE nearby and 30 USD

You'll not get much for $30, but it'll help if you can get stuff for 0$ also.
Have a look under electric bike some of those mechanisms might be achievable.
And some other bike conversions - see what you find that you think might work?


What did you find that looked like something you could do (links last comment)?


 a few generators and hub motors

You've got some motors to start with? Any batteries?


quite a few assorted batteries (aa,aaa,c,d,9v), no way of soldering or creating a second motor.  I also have access to large amounts of small solar devices and a whole mess of pocket knives and wood

Mmm, you'd need a lot of 9V batteries for an electric bike, you don't seem to have the right materials yet.


 I recently gained access to a bunch of co2 powerlets and a chainsaw motor.

The chainsaw might do it - gas(oline) or electric?


 can't get it.                What about my old electric weed whacker?

That would be mains-powered so would need an inverter, and gearing. The chainsaw has a sprocket already and much higher power-to-weight, so shame about that.


 Gas(oline)             (LOL)

Have a look at the chainsaw, can you fit it into the frame? You'd need to connect the saw-pinion to the front-gear hub with a short chain.


 what about a weed whacker???

 My first motor is a mid-size, very bulky, pretty powerful solar panel that can be used to very slowly charge a car battery.