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does anybody know how to make a small, indoor, remote control plane? Answered

i want to make a small remote control airplane. i have havoc helis but i like airplanes better and i dont know where i can buy any and i would rather make one.
so tell me what you know.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Try JR Perkins distribution. They have (maybe had) a small RC plane called the Micro Aviator that is designed for living room operations. It is cheap to0.

The challenge will be coming up with something that has enough lift to carry itself, the motor, the electronics and servos, yet still flies slowly enough to maneuver indoors without damaging itself or anything else.

Could it be done? Probably. Could it be done on a hobbyist budget? I'd be surprised. Which, I'm guessing, is why indoor helicopters are on the market at a reasonable price but indoor planes aren't.

Don't let me stop you from trying; maybe you'll find a solution others have missed... but I don't know how much help you're going to be able to get here. I'd suggest talking to your local RC model club and/or checking out magazines dedicated to that hobby, in the hope of finding someone who has already tried this and can pass along their experience.

Good luck.

i have big rooms, dont care to rebuild it again, and airfoils create lift and thats the shape of the wings. i think bigger wings may help because of the combination of the surface area and the airfoils which create lift and create resistance to falling fast.

Bigger wings also means more weight to lift. It's an interesting set of trade-offs.
Good luck; let us know what you come up with.

sorry im late. im thinking about buying one them looking at it and taking a motor out of an old rc vehicle thats small enough then trying to design my own

Where did you get the helis? Planes need longer-runs (unless they're tethered) - is your house really big - got a long hallway?


i got the helis at walmart. i have a large room that is about 30ftx25ft and ceilings 20ft and my room is longer and skinner with low ceilings so actually i have a lot of space. all my rooms are bigger than most houses around here so if u want to call them really big i guess u could but i refer to them as a little above average but my friends dont, they think they are huge.
if theres not enough room in my house i can probably go to the ymca of take it outside on a very calm day.

20ft ceiling? You might be able to take off, but you'd have to be turning continuously. To be serious, buy a cheap one, and then modify it. If you're putting time and effort into a plane do it for outdoors, Get a cheap-o for indoors and you can improve it (learning as you go)


where do i buy cheap ones? well i asked this because i wanted to make on and because i dont know where to buy one.

I don't know, but I'd think Walmart might have 'em?