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does anybody want to join a blender 3d project top help make a zombie game? Answered

we'll be using dropbox to sync the files, blender 2.49/ 2.5 to make the models, animations and scripting. any help would be good, python scripters are a also needed seen as i can't script to save my life. modelers or designers for the models and texture artists.
thanks in advance, message me if you're interested.



Sounds fun. Also, look into Cube 2: Sauerbraten. It is a standalone game based on an open source engine. There! Your code is already written!


Yes, I can understand that trying to find the python scripts is a pain in the rear. I was looking for an Md5 script the other day, and have found few results.

Don't use blender, use 3DRAD and google sketchup 7. Look at my cool game at wedrive.co.cc. A zombie game would be easy and i may be able to help you out a little in 3DRAD and GSP 7.