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Does anyone have a good knex or lego (if lego life size not the little size) soda machine/dispencer? Answered

also it needs a low piece count if possible.


im working on one

ill post it when im done


6 years ago

anyone else????


it got removed......XD

that isn't what i'm looking for but thanks anyway!

kool, so are you buying my knex?

where are you selling your knex

cause im bored of them.

not why but where what website

alri, i havent put them up on ebay yet, theres over 6000 pieces, if you want to buy them give me an offer and i could sell them to you privatly.

have you got any roller coaster sets or any tubing


Answer 7 years ago

what other sets do you have

alot, ill give you a pic if u want

cud u send me the pics please

kk, ill get them asap!

when are you getting them
send them to this email

k, ill get them wenever i can

nope. i have 2 sets of red tubing