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does anyone have a working minecraft account that they don't want? Answered

i had an account that my cousin uses and it won't work so i need an account for minecraft and it has to work.



Then spend the money and get an account. If your cousin's account isn't working then they probably changed the password on you. It's not like the account gets disabled. You don't have to pay any monthly fees to keep playing the game. Also more than one person is able to play from a single account as long as they are not trying to play together over your in home network or on another server.


5 years ago

he is able to get on it but i can't for some odd reason

Fun fact: support the (indie) developer of the game you are spending your time ENJOYING, and they just might keep making/improving games for you.

Cheat the system, and you cheat yourself out of a better game.

If you can't come up with 26 dollars, I'm sorry; welcome to 'being old enough to need to consider the importance of money and choices in your life'.