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does anyone have an indestructeble on how to change your normal laptop into and army one(see picture in details) Answered



Get a rugged case, either by buying one from here or someplace similar, finding one at a thrift store or hacking one from an old cordless drill case. Securely mount some heavy-duty velcro on the bottom of your laptop in locations that won't interfere with access to the battery or any other access you may need. Mount the matching velcro inside the case. Use the velcro to secure the laptop into the case. Fill in any gaps between the case and the laptop with foam, being sure to leave room to access your ports, drives, power cable, etc.

If you really really want to, you can detach the screen from the base of the laptop and velcro it into the lid of the case (assuming the cable is long enough).

velcro ! i would've never thought of it Im building one like it but with a old computer . i did have all the components ready to buy but the case was too small so im going to have to build my own by getting a old grinder case from my workshop and cutting the plastic out

Yeah, as long as you're using the industrial strength velcro, I'm pretty sure it would work very well. The grinder case sounds like a great idea. If it works out, be sure to post it. I'm sure lots of people would be grateful.

i will do when it warms back up again too cold to be in the shed (damn all you with your fancy heated workshops)

Hey, don't look at me. My studio is almost-heated by a small electric space heater (when the kiln isn't running). Of course, here in the Hellmouth it doesn't ever get horribly cold. Hot is another question. Summers are freakin' brutal. I do have an air conditioner, but I only have one 220 outlet, so I can't run the AC and the kiln at the same time.

Yeah ! I dont think a small heater would cut it here at the moment the other week we got -12 I might build a wood stove out of a old propane canister .. ill have to post a instructable if i do

I built one in an ammunition box, the right ones are also completely watertight,

Smart ! im keeping my eye out for a 50 . cal ammunation box to turn into a bike pannier. will have to keep my eyes out at vintage rallies this year!

Buy an aluminium flight case (pelican case) with foam inside Package the bottom of your laptop inside the foam and glue it down Add a sheet of aluminum over your bottom of ur laptop (even the keyboard) mark it out and cut the keyboard and trackpad and the power button out .

Add your accessories in the top half Then again making spaces for them in the aluminum BUt this time for the accesories add a hinge (using rivets) To open and close your accessories box.

Thatd be the simplest way to get a Very high standard one i was going to do it With a netbook to control a Uav or Rov i was going to build