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does anyone have any good ideas for things to turn into a usb stick? Answered

i get bored and lonely because i have nothing to do with my spare time... im only 14 for christs sake god knows what ill be like later in life. any way does anyone have a good idea of any thing i could put a usb stick into i bought a joblot of them and have no idea of what to do to make them look nicer. hope you can help! oh and by the way ive already made a shotgun shell a hotwheels car a lego brick with cap and a micro ive just finished the audio cassette!


i have an idea what you will need: a stick of dynamite (plastic shell) a usb stick a drill a weighty substance (liquid to solid such as concrete) rubber cement first drill a hole into the bottom of the shell and remove all of the blasting powder then insert the usb stick into the drilled area you just made. after that rubber cement it in and drill another hole into the side and fill it up with concrete so that it does not quite touch the usb stick. then rubber cement that hole shut and there you have it instant awesome looking usb stick

Erm, wouldn't that be a bit, you know, heavy? In a laptop, with a usb port a few centimetres off the desk, or on a usb hub, couldn't it snap or break something?

Finally, a place to tell about my idea!! Knowing my luck ( it's not my fault Murphy hates me... ), it's probably already been done a million times, but i've had an idea about a USB that looks like a cord. Well, a snapped / broken / frayed cord. You could put the electronics ( it'd have to be small ) into the widened 'plug in' part, and just leave about 2.5cm of cord sticking out the end. It'd look like you'd moved your computer and forgotten about some peripheral. It'd probably be difficult and expensive getting the flash memory into the top, but it would definitely be possible if you consider how small flash drives are getting. PLEASE MURPHY, PLEASE!! Quack.

 something cool would be to cut a hot-wheels car in half and put a usb stick in side of it


9 years ago

What about turning a USB stick into a sale on ebay?

change/add a different colored LED and a clear case?