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does anyone have any ideas on how to make a cracked concrete fountain/birdbath water proof again?.....? Answered


Hydraulic cement mix small amounts as it tends to set-up fast see home depot

Fill cracks, seal with appropriate epoxy paint (I like Sherwin- Williams for paint- my painting sub-contractors buy from them).

I was wondering about a possible paint solution after seeing some huge terra cota pots that had a pretty blue glaze on the outside . Will have to research more since this is for a Antique concrete birdbath

If you don't like Lowe's, check out Home Depot or Whatever you have around. There should be someone selling concrete patching material.

Clean the crack well. Use some etching like muriatic acid or even a little less caustic, phosphoric acid, to clean the concrete and remove surface films.

A hairline crack may be sealed with 2 part epoxy, but the concrete sealant should bond well to the crack. Once clean, follow the directions on the sealant. To maintain a relatively smooth surface, use a putty knife.

Good Luck.

There are a couple of products for this, including a crack-filler in a tube designed for use in a caulking gun. That said, the best solution is to patch it yourself with a matching material. Find out if it's cement (no stones/sand embedded in), or concrete (uses lots of stones or sand). Then go and buy enough of said material to do the job. Mix it in a plastic bucket (or any sturdy container that you don't care about), and apply with a trowel, pressing it into the cracks and smoothing it out to match the original object as best as you can.